MFA student Sarah Jones in Poets & Writers Sept/Oct issue!

Have you heard of The Bridge? Here’s what Poets & Writers says: Like a social network for poets, the Bridge offers a place for student and mentor poets to meet, read each other’s work, and discuss issues of craft.

Whidbey MFA Student Sarah Jones is quoted in the article, which you can find in the new Poets & Writers (Sept.-Oct. 2015) issue. Her photo on page 17 of the print issue, and you read her thoughts in the online version.

Changes in the Penn Cove Award rules

We’re half-way through August and still wearing our socks, in spite of the month’s warm weather. So if you haven’t submitted yet in August, our theme is “Toasted.” And that can mean whatever you think it means.

As the new editor, I’ve tweaked the rules for the Penn Cove Award. Starting in September:

  • Past winners are no longer eligible. Please consider submitting to Soundings Review, another Whidbey MFA project.
  • Please do not submit the same piece multiple times. If a piece didn’t win in a given month, it’s no longer eligible.
  • We will take a break from the monthly themes for a few months. We anticipate posting themes and challenges again in the future, but with much more advance notice.

That’s it for now. Write On!

Editor Haley

Penn Cove Award July 2015

Congratulations to T. C. Powell of Springfield, Oregon, the July 2015 recipient of the Penn Cove Literary Arts Award.

A Flip Through the Past
By T. C. Powell

Julie sneaked to the basement where it was slightly cooler and fished out her hand-held game system. The sounds of the wake drifted down the stairs, and she wished she could go shut the door… but that might call attention to herself. Then Mom would scold her for “being selfish” for avoiding a bunch of people she barely knew (“they’re family, they love you”), and not hovering around the dead freaking body of her great-grandmother, which was both creepy and boring.

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A new look, a new editor Fall 2015

Editor Bob has graduated from the Whidbey Writers Workshop with an MFA in Poetry and Fiction. Congrats to Bob on his double-concentration. Thanks for keeping this site alive.

We’ve got a new look and much of the old content has been archived. You will also start finding updates here on our student, faculty and alum publications and readings.

We will continue to administer the Penn Cove Award for short works of literature, whether fiction or non-, verse or prose. No more than 1000 words is still the requirement.

Write On!

— Editor Haley

Penn Cove Award June 2015

Congratulations to T.C. Powell of Springfield, Oregon, the June 2015 recipient of the Penn Cove Literary Arts Award.

Natural Forces at Work
by T.C. Powell

The adult video store was the size of a 7-11. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units were crammed into the small space, leaving the barest of walking paths, and those units were stuffed full of colorful DVD cases promising every perversion under the sun. It was a deviant bazaar, and I was the bumbling tourist trying not to make an ass of myself as I nervously browsed the inventory.

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